My Snowdrops

This is my third blog for #WeeklyBlogChallenge17….a day late!

A few posts and blogs full of light and shade this week on twitter and facebook….hope and despair but with hope trying to push through like the shoots of precious snowdrops pushing through icy snow and iron hard ground.

I have already blogged about the challenges I am seeing for schools as I travel round and the age old problems of OFSTED that seem to rear their heads despite the best efforts of Sean and others….but this week I saw some green shoots in my own little professional patch of garden. My schools are keen to help their children and they are delighted to get the right support to do this.Yes there are budgetary constraints but most heads have their pupils’ best interests at heart. I had a lovely email from a school last week praising me for my help and support and yes, I know it is not all about me, but when you work on your own it is rather a big deal!

On Thursday I had some of the best CPD ever….training from Emotionworks which is based in Scotland ….fab for whole school PSHE and great for children with ASD as it has a very visual system using cogs. Lynn McCann from @ reachoutASC has done a fabulous blog on this  and was instrumental in bringing Claire and her amazing system down to England….super! We were all so enthused on that day and, speaking to a young teacher, she reminded me that teaching is a vocation and our love for the kids and desire to help them is something we never lose! I reflected on this later and reminded myself that this drives what I do at the almost end of my career; the young and the not so young with a passion for children. The feeling still flowers brightly within me with the purity of the buds of my youth. My snowdrops are blooming with as much vigour as they ever did!


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