The Final Chapter

Finally it is over. My time at the PRU is done, in real terms if not technically….the end date is actually 31.8.16. The past few days have been very uneven, veering from agonisingly slow to breakneck speed in minutes and hours…the final countdown to the last farewells. 

And that phrase. ‘How does it feel?’ Over and over and my head was whirling with it all until down was up, up was down. Tears pricking at times, laughing and smiling by turns and finding a balance between rushing to get through everything I needed to do and a restless urge to visit every class and see the children one last time.

The Y6 leavers’ assembly was a highlight…I always cry and this year was no exception! There was a good turn out of parents (not easy as some have to come a long way and most don’t have transport) and the children were brilliant as usual! Light hearted at the end as Mrs J dug out an old clip of me dancing to a pulsing disco beat chanting ‘MC Ward! All the best tunes from MC Ward!’ and kids of the time groaning and covering their faces!!

Three of us have retired this summer….two are going back in a different, part-time capacity….however it is an emotional time, the closing of the book, the final chapter. We had a lovely staff meal out last Wednesday, and there was a real sense of unity….schools can be strange places with disharmony lurking in shadowy corners, but there was none of that….and the sun shone and drinks flowed in the garden. All was well. Then came the presents…flowers, sparkling wine, gorgeous jewellery;  a mum came bearing beautiful orchids and one of our most vulnerable, challenging little girls brought in an array of special gifts, hand- picked with care for the recipients!

Leaving day. Sadly some children awaiting EHCPs still don’t know they are going to another school soon…some may only know in the holiday that they are not coming back! Many of the Y6 were very tearful and tried to stay in their classrooms when the taxis arrived….one boy had to be nearly carried out bless…and one boy, super cool, put his head on our HT’s arm at the door and broke down. Our lovely, difficult, funny, sometimes violent, always heartbreakingly vulnerable children are on the next steps of their personal journeys.I will miss you all!

I will miss my fab colleagues too and the PRU….yes there have been crises and problems but these have been outweighed by laughter and camaraderie and a real sense of purpose with our excluded pupils at the heart of everything we do. I hope to continue to support challenging children out in mainstream…in my ‘memory book’ was an inspirational message from a child which I will frame by my desk. Here’s to the future!


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