On exclusion

This post is inspired by Lynn McCann @reachoutasc writing a poem about being different. As a girl I was always dreaming away in my room in a host of rhymes…mainly angst ridden and about love I had never known!!

At college I took a creative poetry course and produced a plethora of bad verse with an occasional hidden gem praised by my tutor!! At that time I adored the pared down songs of Susanne Vega singing about Marlene on the wall and yearned to be a successful writer with the world at my feet. The reality was somewhat different but I have never lost my love for poetry and that lovely release of the soul and hopeless search for one’s heart’s desires!

This is a poem I have written for the lost:

The government say I can never go back
I was sent away from all I had known
The school I knew from being little
And I have never felt more alone
I know they gave me chances
Although I never quite knew what these chances were
I knew however I’d blown them
When I was sent for by Sir
I’d had a little argument
I’d screamed and stamped my feet
I’d struck out at my teachers
I was full of fire and heat
Sir sent for my mummy
She came to take me home
I sat and sobbed in my bedroom
And I have never felt more alone
My head is full of cotton
Though I never quite know just how I should feel
And no matter how hard I think
Nothing ever seems to be real
I’m in a place they call a PRU
Where the lost and forgotten are sent I’m sorry for what I’ve done
If only I knew what it meant
My teacher says I have special needs And anxiety which I have shown
When I hit out at my school friends
And I’ve never felt more alone
And I never quite knew how alone you can feel
When you’re taken from all you have known
And the school you have known from being little
Casts you out to be on your own

@jordyjax 9.2.16