Ofsted is now here so deal with it

We got The Call at lunchtime…..the Head actually ran to her room saying It’s The Call….complete with capital letters!! I was on dinner duty and kept anxiously nipping to her room, seeing her in animated conversation and waving a pencil about to punctuate her points! Her chair was swivelled towards the window so I couldn’t see her expression….

I started to tell a few staff, knowing that some would want to change their evening arrangements….some had to sort out child care. It actually felt unreal…almost like an out of body experience….I actually felt dizzy at one point and had to sit down! Some staff felt the same….one has been unwell and still hasn’t regained her voice! Something that had been talked about for so long and often with foreboding had now arrived!

For our head this is her first OFSTED as the lady in charge and her mettle is about to be tested! Her last experience was as a deputy the day before her interview for our headship! She shone and I know she will rise to the occasion!!

And so it begins….the school is clean and tidy as a new pin….health and safety has been checked and rechecked….safeguarding has been safeguarded. Plans have been made, panic attacks have been quelled….one by one we trudged home exhausted and we will arise early in varying degrees of trepidation. I should be in bed not blogging but adrenalin has kicked in! Adversity gives me energy ( hence the job I am in!) and I spent the afternoon with colleagues sorting out planning and finding resources and printing out materials….I do not have a teaching commitment but the weight of expectation and a mix of hope and dread hangs heavy on my shoulders. A quick burst of ‘We are Team xxxx’ and a little jig did the trick in some quarters, raising a smile!

Later when staff had gone , the head and I and vice chair of governors ironed out a few difficulties, dotting ‘i’s and crossing ‘t’s…..stifling a yawn or three….and I headed for home…it has been a long 14 hour day!! I left the head preparing to put in at least another hour!… that’s OFSTED for you….never unknowingly increasing the pressure of an already difficult job!

And so tomorrow…up with the lark and into work as the sun rises…hey ho. …just another day in the life of..


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