Favourite moments

I have just read a lovely post re #teachinghighlights from @cherrylkd which has made me ponder on my own favourite moments.
Like Cherryl I have several… hundred!!…but if I have to pick I would choose these:
My first teaching job was in a large multi cultural infant school and throws up a patchwork quilt of happy memories! …Team teaching with a lovely girl and having great fun and great laughs….teaching a little boy who had no English at all how to speak and to read….baking bread with little ones in the school kitchen…eating samosas that parents brought in to celebrate Eid… wonderful!
Then in my fabulous job in a village school….visiting the nursery children as part of their induction into Reception Class…and all the First Days at School I got to share for the next ten years! Supervising my super parents from a Parents as Educators’ course …proudly receiving their certificates….and then us celebrating at a local bistro with a spot of table dancing!!….my littlies saying ‘I love you’ at the end of answering the register…. me DJ-ing at the Hallowe’en disco in a spooky costume…dads bringing me a glass of wine in the break…Xmas Nativity at our local Chapel…A parent/child outing to a national park.and a mum asking me to call her child back who had run ahead saying ‘He doesn’t do what I tell him!”..
These have been some of my happiest times….I love my PRU but as I blog about it all the time I’ve chosen different experiences ….also I miss the sense of community that you get in a little village school…teaching families and being regarded as an ‘elder stateswoman’ who would probably be there for the next generation…..except I wasn’t…I had a higher calling …. a date with the dispossessed!


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