In Support of SLT and ‘Outstanding’


This week on twitter I have read several posts and tweets containing sweeping generalisations about SLT. Twitter is on fire with its condemnation of Senior Leadership Teams. Some of the criticisms levelled at leadership are justified, I have to admit. There are still some who sit in ivory towers and deliver very few lessons. They then sit in judgement on others when observing and give advice on how to improve their teaching. Hardly fair. Some do still grade lessons and thereby damage a teacher’s confidence. Some remove non contact time and expect teachers to cover for absent colleagues despite this being against all the rules. I’m happy to say that none of the SLTs I know are like this. I want to make that clear.

In particular this week there has been much tweeting and blogging about the ‘Outstanding’ grade. Why are SLT still doing this is the cry. Why…

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