Back to the Future

Freeing the Angel

I went to school in the 1970’s. Some people say this was the time when it all went wrong. When state schools became all fluffy and child centred, when they renounced the traditional methods. Perhaps I just went to the wrong kind of state school, but this is not my memory at all. I remember it as a time when we kept our mouths shut and did as we were told. A time when those of us who refused to comply would be screamed at, humiliated, or beaten with a cane. Our lessons were traditional, we learned by rote, and we did an awful lot of copying from the board. Children were streamed by their perceived ability, with those at the ‘top’ given extra attention, while those at the ‘bottom’ were shunted to one side.

This is not a time to which I would want us to return. Despite all…

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5 thoughts on “Back to the Future

  1. You are absolutely right and some of the teachers who feel like this, still attempt to teach traditional style lessons. After working for four years in a PRU, I for one would not want children to simply comply through fear but express themselves appropriately through their choices. Great post!

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